Proper Dog Food Storage

If you have a large breed dog, chances are you purchase dog food in large bags that never have time to spoil but even on 40 or 50-pound bags of food, an expiration date would be stamped.


The reason is that food does go bad although many people do not realize that dry food spoils. When buying premium food, especially natural or organic dog food from a reputable company that costs more, the last thing you want is for the food to go to waste. Therefore, proper dog food storage would be critical.


Unfortunately, a significant amount of dog food is wasted every year, something that is easily avoided if proper dog food storage were used. In addition to keeping pet food fresh and reducing waste, just imagine the amount of money that could be saved.


As a part of keeping dog food fresh, this means that rich vitamins, minerals, and other valuable ingredients such as antioxidants are preserved so ultimately, the dog gets all the nourishment needed and great flavor.


The Right Storage Solution

Every purchase in life needs to be made wisely to include dog food storage containers. Prior to buying, it would be essential to consider the amount of food your dog eats during a two-week period so the right size container could be purchased.


Obviously, you want something that would hold the right amount of food but nothing more or nothing less. Although it would not hurt having an over-sized dog food storage bin, buying one that would hold less food than needed would simply be a waste of money.


Keep in mind that some of the higher quality pet food products are packaged in such a way that they stay fresh for a relatively long time. If you purchase something like this, rather than pour the food into the container, you could simply set the packaged food down inside the bin.


That way, you would have the benefit of the package but also the dog food storage container to keep food fresh. Because of this, food would probably last one or two weeks longer.


The best option would be pet food made with natural ingredients but also dog food that has been vacuum sealed. In addition, consider the ingredients in the food of choice. Of course, the goal in buying pet food would be looking for a brand or formula that lists meat, fish, or poultry as the number one ingredient but proper storage of these products would be even more important.


While most people choose some kind of dry storage container, if you have a freezer with available space, dry dog food could also be frozen as a means of keeping it fresh.


Maintaining Fresh Dog Food

Another important factor when it comes to dog food storage would be marking any commercial food stored loosely. For instance, if you purchase food that has not been vacuum sealed, make sure a plastic bag is placed inside the storage bin and on it write the date of purchase, as well as expiration date of the food.


That way, you would always know whether the food was still safe to feed your pet or if some should be tossed out. That way, you would not accidentally feed spoiled food to your pet, which in turn would prevent potential health risks.


No matter the type of storage unit you buy, it would be imperative that after washing you dry it completely before adding any dry food. Otherwise, you could end up with moldy food that could become infested with maggots.


Even with a dry container, you want something that could be shut and locked close to keep all moisture out. Then, you need to find a place within the home that is moisture free and cool, which again would stop the buildup of moisture.


Options for Dog Food Storage

Today, the market is flooded with all types of dog food storage bins, although the most popular are made from heavy-duty plastic and designed with a lid that snaps shut. The truth is that plastic dog storage bins offer a number of benefits to include being strong, sturdy, and durable, but also capable of handling hot and cold extremes.


You will discover several shapes of containers as well so if you needed to store dry dog food in an odd-shaped closet or nook of the kitchen, you should have no problem finding the ideal configuration.
For even more convenience, many of the smaller containers made to store dog food are dishwasher safe although larger bins would need to be hand-washed. Even dog food storage bins designed for temporary use exist.


With this, you would use the bin a few times and then simply toss it out. Many people like this option, feeling more confident that food would be protected from moisture and various contaminants.


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