Diabetic Dog Food

Just like people, millions of canines suffer from diabetes. Just as the dog faces ongoing health issues associated with the disease, discovering a beloved pet is sick is difficult on the owner.


Although a situation such as this poses a number of challenges, there is no reason with proper care that dogs with diabetes could not live long, normal lives. One of the key factors to controlling the disease would be with diabetic dog food, which is comprised of a special formula.


Of course, if diabetes were diagnosed early on, getting and keeping the disease under control would be far easier but even if a dog had lived with the disease for some time, several options for help exist. Along with switching the animal to diabetic dog food, other lifestyle changes would be imperative.


For instance, the dog would need to be on an appropriate exercise program to control weight, he would need to be seen by a qualified veterinarian more frequently, and in some instances, the dog would need regular insulin injections, just as humans.


Understanding Canine Diabetes


Before we talk specifically about diabetic dog food, it would be important to understand this disease as it pertains to canines. When found in dogs, the illness is known as “Diabetes Mellitus”.


The problem is the pancreas would not be unable to produce adequate levels of insulin. With this, sugar levels in the blood could not be maintained at a healthy level. If canine diabetes were not managed properly, the dog could end up with chronic UTIs, develop cataracts, and even go into a diabetes coma or die.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes in dogs but again, there are methods to treat the illness effectively. While any breed of dog could develop diabetes, it usually is the result of hereditary genes so if your dog’s parents had it, then your pet would be at risk. In addition, there are some breeds that are prone to developing diabetes to include the following:


  • Australian Terrier
  • Beagle
  • Keeshond
  • Miniature and Toy Poodle
  • Miniature and Standard Schnauzer
  • Pug
  • Samoyed


A few additional risks for a dog developing this disease include dogs of middle age, female canines, and dogs that already have some kind of hormonal imbalance or abnormality. Obesity could also be a trigger. In this case, extra physical activity to help the dog lose weight coupled with diabetic dog food would be two things that would make a difference.


As extra weight drops, risk of diabetes would decrease. With food such as this, ingredients would be low fat, high in complex carbohydrates, and high in protein as a means of balancing levels of sugar in the bloodstream.


Information about a Special Diet


Remember, switching your pet’s diet from conventional food to diabetic dog food would be crucial for good health. Because there are so many dogs facing this illness, there are a decent number of pet food companies that now make a special formula specifically to help control blood sugar.


However, as the pet owner, it would be up to you to read the label carefully, even on products marketed as being “diabetic dog food.” The reason is that some companies create a good product but not a great product, meaning food could contain an ingredient that would create a possible problem.


For instance, the first ingredient you need to avoid when buying diabetic dog food would be sugar since it converts to glucose. One of the best ways to buy the right food would be to choose a product made with all-natural ingredients but again, without sugar.


Keep in mind that along with commercial foods, you may want to consider making your own dog food. That way, you could choose the right ingredients that have been organically grown and follow recipes developed specifically for dogs with diabetes.


Some people who go this route choose a raw diet, which means foods that have not been cooked while other pet owners prefer diabetic dog food made at home that has been cooked but make with lean meats, certain vegetables, and whole grains.


With this, you could choose turkey, chicken, fish, or eggs for protein, any vegetables, as well as fruits although in moderation, grains to include brown rice and millet, and then add vitamins and minerals for optimal health.


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