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Just like humans, dogs like to have a good time, too. And what better way to accomplish that than with a good toy. But not just any toy will do: the better the quality, the longer it will last and the more your furry friend can enjoy it. Kong dog toys have managed to do just that and what they bring to the canine community has continued to serve them well.


Since their inception back in 1976, they have delivered a wide variety of special playthings to millions of dogs. Their assortment resembles everything imaginable and will not only make your dog happy, but will give them countless hours of fun and enjoyment.


In fact, there are over 50 different items to show your pet just how much you care. And all of the toys have two more things in common: they are all made of 100 natural rubber and all of them are made in the USA.


Kong has managed to break their extensive line of toys down into many different categories to make it much easier to pick exactly what you need. At the same time it offers customers a plethora of opportunities to make your dog love you even more than they already do.


The line offers the traditional choices of dog toys of almost anything imaginable. If it can be retrieved, tossed, tugged on or chewed upon, they have it. But this company did more than just to mass-produce the same basic design over and over.


They took the time to analyze what dogs need at different stages in their lives, what they enjoy doing the most, and then expounded upon it. And while your pet is running around with excitement, they are getting the exercise that they need to help keep them strong and healthy.


Starting with puppies, there are different options that are geared to hang tough through their sharp, needle-like puppy teeth. Being able to hold firm through this stage of the dog’s life is important. The material used is stronger and able to keep up with their voracious appetite for adventure.


As dog advance in years, their toys conform to more of what they can handle. There is a line of toys for these pooches, too, that are designed using what is called “senior” rubber. This rubber is special made to still be durable, yet softer for the older jaws and teeth. It gives the more mature canines something to enjoy without hurting their softer mouths.


In between are numerous lines of toys including those that can be thrown and retrieved, for the more energetic breeds. There are some with tails to sail farther, and those with longer hang time for dogs that like to add running to their retrieving.


Every dog likes to play tug-of-war with their favorite toy so Kong dog toys have you covered there, too. With their complete line of assorted tugging toys, there is something for every type and size of dog. And the company made sure to keep safety in mind. That’s why their toys are made so that they won’t snap back, which can cause injury to the dog or the owner.


And what would chew toys be unless some had hidden treats inside? Well, every age of dog from pups to seniors can have their own specific toy that holds treats for them. And the rubber is not only perfect for chewing on, but it does wonders for their teeth, as well. Plus, it gives them something to throw around until they can make their way to the tasty surprise inside.


For the breeds that like to have fun, but might not necessarily like things to chew on, they are taken care of in their own way. The company has developed a line of plush toys that can be thrown and even chewed on.


Made of the finest quality material, they are not only durable, but also non-toxic. So you can relax in the knowledge that your dog can have fun and remain safe at the same time.


Kong dog toys are an excellent way to show your dog that you care and you want them to be happy. By giving them the best quality toys on the market, you let them know that as man’s best friend, you want to show how much you appreciate them in your own special way.


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