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While most businesses require some type of legal license, the dog grooming profession is not one. Although a person would receive a certificate or diploma after completing school, no actual license or certification is required to groom or start a dog grooming business other than state licensing.


Even so, a person right out of grooming school could make up to $27,000 a year while an owner of a dog grooming business would expect to earn upwards of $75,000 a year. Of course, as the owner it takes time to build an established business but great potential for growth and income exists.


Because there are millions of people throughout the country who depend on grooming services, there is great potential for opening a business of this type. Then, without needing a grooming license, the process becomes even easier.


Although it would certainly be beneficial for the owner to also be a qualified groomer, this would not be mandatory as long as the business employees qualified groomers who are dedicated to the owner and company.


Dog Grooming Business Tips


For the individual who wants to start a dog grooming business, even though no grooming license is needed it would still be essential to learn everything possible.


For this reason, we wanted to offer a brief list of some of the best books currently being sold that would provide tremendous insight to increase odds of overall success. However, before that, we wanted to offer some suggestions that could make the dog grooming business more successful.


  • Because no dog grooming license is needed, a business owner should encourage any groomers on staff to become a member of the Dog Groomers Association of America or some other well-respected association. This would offer customers peace of mind that the individual grooming the family pet knows what he or she is doing. The more confident customers are in the groomer the better the business will ultimately do.


  • Prior to hiring any groomer, that person’s background should be carefully reviewed. If the groomer has just finished school, it would be worthwhile to communicate with the school about that person’s attendance, grades, interest, and overall skill. If the person has been in the grooming business before, past employers should be contacted to determine the level of skill, special training, ability to work with others, and more.


  • It would also be imperative that anyone starting a dog grooming business have a comprehensive business plan in place. This plan becomes the roadmap for every aspect of the business and while it would not offer a guarantee on the company’s success it would certainly help keep the owner on track while working toward the desired goal.


Dog Grooming Business Books


As mentioned, because a dog grooming license is not required for the groomer, responsibility falls back on the owner to take all the appropriate steps to make the company works. Keep in mind that while grooming itself is not a licensed career the company would be required to secure and maintain necessary state licenses.


To learn the process for securing business licenses, as well as many other dynamics of owning and operating a profitable company we offered the following books as recommendations.


  • The Business Plan for your Pet Grooming Business – This book can be downloaded online in PDF formatting or purchased as a CD Rom. Because the business plan is so critical, the small $32 investment would be worthwhile. Included are 90 pages of cohesive instruction on writing a complete business plan specific to a professional dog grooming business.


  • How to Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs – This “how to guide” is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a respected pet grooming business. Information has been written by an expert in the industry to include styling tips, controlling dogs for comfort and safety, avoiding dangerous drugs, and insider tips.


  • The Art and Business of Professional Grooming – Before opening a dog grooming business, it would be beneficial to purchase this book. Written by an expert with more than 30 years of experience as a groomer and owner of a dog grooming business, this is a must have.


  • From Problems to Profits: The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses – This is the last book we wanted to recommend, which is a solid manual for every step of starting a business of this type. Information includes marketing and advertising tips, building strong customer relations, providing a safe work environment for groomers and dogs, offering appropriate supervision, and appropriate financial planning and money management.


Dog Grooming Books

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