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For any groomer, whether someone who just completed grooming school or the person with 20 plus years in the business, dog grooming books are a tremendous value. Top rated books sold on the market today contain valuable information pertaining to new information.


This particular industry is known for changing and by using books, a person would have the ability to stay up-to-date on cutting styles, grooming techniques, safety concerns, recalled grooming equipment, new technology, time saving tips, the best seminars and grooming associations, and the list goes on.


Of course, to gain this type of information it would be essential to buy dog grooming books worth buying. The market is flooded with books of this type but some are simply a waste of money and time.


Therefore, we pulled a list together of the top choices for dog grooming books, those written by people with tremendous knowledge of grooming who have included the right information. That way, any groomer would feel the purchase was an excellent investment in promoting a long and lucrative career as a professional groomer.


Ultimate Dog Grooming


Written by Eileen Gleeson, this particular book offers some incredible grooming secrets for reaching success. One aspect of this book that sets it apart from many of the other dog grooming books being sold is that in addition to providing in-depth information specific to grooming such as the history of this industry, proper bathing, brushing, drying, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, and dealing with specific breeds, it covers dog care.


Along with this, the “Ultimate Dog Grooming” book offers helpful tips for owners of dog grooming businesses on building a stronger customer base by making right decisions and avoiding potential mistakes. For the price, the amount of viable information makes this a top choice.


All Breed Dog Grooming Guide


This book written by Sam Kohl was recently released as a new edition that includes even more information. Unlike some of the other dog grooming books, the benefit is the step-by-step illustrated instructions for all aspects of grooming. Someone who may be thinking about becoming a groomer or for the person just getting started in this professional would have visual instructions for bathing, grooming, scissoring and trimming multiple breeds.


Another thing is that the book features graphics of every breed with associated grooming instructions. A few of the specific lessons include proper pet grooming equipment and grooming pets versus show dogs.


How to Run a Dog Business – Putting your Career Where your Heart is


As the name of the book implies, information is specific to owning a successful dog grooming company. Written by Veronica Boutelle who is a renowned pet owner but also a highly respected pet grooming consultant, anyone buying this book would get all the information wanted and more.


The entire content of this book is cohesive and concise, clearly directing a person to the right path for having a booming business to include achieving personal satisfaction and achieving financial security within a competitive market.


The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming for All Breeds


The great thing about this book written by Ben Stone is that it was written for the everyday person who wants to groom dogs at home or as a business. Along with well written text, this is rated as one of the top dog grooming books because of the graphics that support the content.


In addition to offering insight into the history of dog grooming, the book covers some of the basic tricks for achieving the perfect cut, buying the right grooming equipment, avoiding common mistakes, and much more. However, having information on all 125 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) makes this book stand out from the competition.


Dog Grooming for Dummies


Yes, there is even a dummies book specifically written for people who have no clue about dog grooming. Written by Margaret Bonham, this book also deserves to be among the top choices for dog grooming books due to the wealth of information on grooming the family pet at home, thereby saving money but also having a beautifully groomed dog.


To accomplish this, the book offers tips for bathing, brushing, and clipping with step-by-step instructions. However, in this grooming book a person would also gain insight into training a dog to handle grooming, proper care of ears, teeth, and nails, the right and wrong way of using trimmers, clippers, and scissors, and grooming tips and styles specific to breed.


Show Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming License

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