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Years ago, dog grooming spas were seen as a luxury for the rich and famous but today, these unique spas are located throughout the country and offered to everyday pet owners.


Although this type of canine pampering may not be for everyone, pet owners who have tried spas swear by the benefits the dogs and themselves enjoy. After all, dogs are socialized, groomed, trained, and entertained.


Whether wanting to do something special for your furry friend or trying to overcome some type of behavioral issue, dog grooming spas provide the perfect solution.


Of course, the exact services offered would vary from one spa to another but more and more these facilities provide a full list of options from which to choose. Because of this, you could choose something special for your pet and still stick to a budget or if preferred, go all out with nail polishing and massage among other things.


Below are some of the more popular services offered at dog grooming spas but keep in mind that in addition to spas where you would take your dog, mobile spas also exist, as well as those that take a holistic approach.


Doggie Daycare


One of the favorite services offered at dog grooming spas is an actual daycare, great for pet owners that work, travel, or attend school. Quality spas are set up so every animal is provided a safe environment and care by highly trained professionals.


As a part of dogs staying in daycare, social interaction and exercise would be considered standard. Although every dog breed, regardless of size or age would enjoy this, daycare is extra beneficial to high energy pets.


The higher quality dog grooming spas offer physiological benefits to include cardio, respiratory health, muscle toning, weight control, and sound mental health. These spas also provide structured playtime with pets that have certain behavioral issues receiving one-on-one attention.


This would help with issues such as barking, chewing, and anxiety separation among others. Therefore, the dog is given a means of relaxation while you as the pet owner benefit from a healthier, happier, and better behaved animal.


Most dog grooming spas have specific requirements to ensure the health and wellness of all guests. For instance, an initial assessment of the animal would be required, as well as the dog being current on all vaccinations such as Bordetella, DHLPPC, and Rabies. Spas also require that dogs be spayed or neutered to be a part of group play for obvious reasons.




Another popular service offered by top dog grooming spas is boarding. Unlike conventional boarding at a veterinarian’s office, many spas provide designated rooms complete with orthopedic beds, dog houses, quality food, water, and toys.


In other words, dogs stay in an environment that would be very similar to humans staying in a four-star hotel. Whether boarding services were needed for a few hours, or perhaps days or even weeks, dog grooming spas would be able to accommodate.


Although these spas provide toys, beds, and blankets for each dog, pet owners are always encouraged to bring in favorite belongings too as a means of comfort.


The types of amenities that you would expect to find include climate controlled and spacious rooms, soothing background music, bathing and grooming, daily playtime and exercise, and a daily report on the dog’s activities, accomplishments, and any concerns noted. Again, to use boarding services, dogs would need to be current on all vaccinations.




Of course, dog grooming spas would provide a long list of grooming services from simple bathing to full-scale cuts and styles. Other grooming services include nail filing opposed to clipping, doggie massages, ear cleaning, anal cavity cleaning, and more.


As a result, dogs look and smell great but these services are also designed to promote overall health and wellness.




In addition to the services mentioned above, a growing number of dog grooming spas now offer customized pet tag creation, obedience training, guidance from trained pet specialists and nutritionists, holistic and homeopathic healthcare, on-site veterinarian care, and boutiques where an array of products could be purchased. In fact, most dog grooming spas also offer pickup and delivery services for added convenience.


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