Dog Grooming Equipment

Whether interested in starting a business or simply wanting to provide pets with the best possible care, it would be necessary to purchase dog grooming equipment.


Depending on the purpose, as well as budget, equipment could be purchased new through a number of different sources or bought used. Of course, along with the most common types of dog grooming equipment covered in this article, there are many more advanced options for equipment so again, the ultimate goal would help determine the exact inventory needed.


Below are several categories in which dog grooming equipment falls but regardless, the focus would be to purchase the best quality that money could afford, especially when starting a business. This would help achieve the desired results but also provide safe grooming for the animals, not to mention to make grooming easier.


In fact, the best equipment on the market is designed to reduce time. As a business owner, this would make it possible to groom a greater number of pets, thereby making more money whereas for personal use, this would create more time for leisure.


Brushes and Combs


Of course, brushes and combs have a primary purpose of keeping an animal’s coat smooth, silky, and healthy but these two types of dog grooming equipment do much more.


For instance, in certain dog breeds, hair becomes easily tangled. If not properly maintained, tangles could become a serious matting problem that pulls on the skin, causing painful sores subject to infection. In addition, the right brushes and combs would help remove dander, which causes allergy problems for many people.




Within the trimmer category for dog grooming equipment are trimmers, clippers, and scissors. These pieces of equipment also serve very important roles. Trimmers help a groomer get hair trimmed short in hard areas, particularly around the face and paws.


Clippers help remove a large volume of a dog’s coat, which not only makes the animal look better but also feel better. To complete the grooming process, scissors help clean up smaller areas. All of these things combined promote overall good health. While some breeds would be trimmed because of the way in which the coat grows or for appearance, sometimes a dog is groomed to help survive during hot summer months.


Nail Clippers


When looking at the right dog grooming equipment specific to nail clippers, it would be important to choose a product that produces a quick and clean cut. Smaller breeds have thinner nails that are much easier to trim than nails for larger breeds. Therefore, the exact type of nail clipper would depend on the size of dog.


Typically, a dog should have its nails trimmed just beyond the “kwik” or the blood supply every two to three weeks. Without regular trimming, walking would become uncomfortable and even painful. It would also be important to know that the longer nails go without being cut the further out the kwik grows, making trimming more difficult and risky for bleeding.


Ear and Teeth Cleaner


Although more of a supply opposed to dog grooming equipment, we still felt it was important to mention the importance of cleaners specially formulated to clean dog’s ears and teeth. Some dog breeds have a problem with hair growing inside the ears, which creates potential for infection, as well as risk of hearing loss.


A quality ear cleaner would keep the ear canal free of debris but also make it possible to pluck the hair out without causing pain. Then for teeth, if not properly maintained teeth would quickly become covered with plaque, which puts the animal’s health in jeopardy. When this happens, the dog would need to have its teeth cleaned professionally, which involves the use of anesthesia. Using a good product for cleaning teeth would be a much easier, less expensive, and safer option.




After a dog has been bathed, it would need to be dried using a commercial dog dryer. For this particular piece of dog grooming equipment, choosing would be extremely important. Any dryer being considered should meet or exceed industry standards to ensure it would not produce excessive heat that could burn the dog. It would also be recommended to choose a dryer with a timer, as well as automatic shutoff. That way, drying the pet’s hair would be possible but in a safe manner.


Grooming Table


The last type of dog grooming equipment we wanted to address is the grooming table. Again, choosing wisely would be essential and based on the type and size of breed being groomed. For this, it would be necessary to purchase a grooming table that could accommodate the weight of pets and preferably, one that has an attached stand on which the dog leash could be attached to keep the animal from jumping or even falling during the grooming process.


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