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Dog grooming schools are located throughout the country with most being founded on much the same philosophy – teaching people safe and effective ways to cut hair of various dog breeds. However, as with any business, some schools receive high marks for excellence while others fall short.


Although there is no licensing or certification requirement in the United States to work as a professional groomer, there is still a process involved of learning the right way to handle people’s pets.


Because there are so many different things to consider when it comes to choosing among the different dog grooming schools, we felt it would be beneficial to pull some of the criteria together.


Of course, you can always ask additional questions or conduct more research but the information provided would make the process of choosing the right school much easier. With the right education and training, dog grooming would be a very rewarding job but also one with potential for a lucrative income, as well as job security.




While not one of the most important considerations when choosing a dog grooming school, it is still something that needs to be taken into account. Your schedule would be a factor in the school chosen. For instance, if you work and could only attend classes part-time, then you would need to find a grooming school that offers part-time or evening classes. Most schools have flexible class time for this very reason and of course, you could always consider online classes.




Another thing to think about is the cost of dog grooming schools. Yes, there would be an initial investment but remember once you have the required skills to do the job, you would quickly recoup the money. However, the price to gain the knowledge needed varies based on what the school teaches, reputation of the school, and even geographic location.


For this reason, it would be worthwhile to look at a number of different options, finding the one that provides the type of teaching wanted but also a school that fits in your budget. Keep in mind that many dog grooming schools cost thousands of dollars so you want to be 100% committed to the process while focusing on the rewards of the future.


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In most cases, dog grooming schools provide not only the basics but specialty cuts but if you have a goal of grooming only certain breeds or even getting into grooming of show dogs then it would be essential to choose a school that offers the type of training needed. This is why calling around to ask questions and even visiting a number of schools would be highly recommended.


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You will also find that many dog grooming schools have now expanded the type of education provided. For instance, many schools that teach people how to groom are also providing education on training dogs. With a school such as this, you would gain more knowledge that could benefit you down the road in your career. As an example, if you were to attend a school that teaches both grooming and training, one day if you were to start your own business this would be a huge advantage to draw customers in.




Taking time to learn the reputation of dog grooming schools of interest is always a good idea. Thanks to the internet, you can find a wealth of information on literally any school. However, along with this we suggest you also ask for references and then follow up to learn about the things the people liked and did not like.


Another option would be to check with the Better Business Bureau at By entering the school’s name, you would learn if any complaints had been filed and if so, what type and whether resolution was reached.




Depending on the part of the country where you live, there may or may not be any dog grooming schools within close proximity. You need to determine if driving 45 minutes to an hour is a big deal or if completing the education online would be a better option.


Because there is a financial investment involved, it would be important to make attendance as convenience as possible so you get to every class and learn all you can to achieve a successful career.


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