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In today’s society, many people need jobs and for some reason, working within the professional dog grooming industry is often overlooked. Considering income potential and gratification that comes from a job well done, this is a real shame.


Currently, someone just getting started as a groomer would expect to make around $25,000 but with years of experience, this income level would increase significantly. Recently, the level of effort being made to introduce people to possibilities for grooming has increased with anticipation of opening incredible doors of opportunity and job security.


Completing Proper Education


Interestingly, to become a professional groomer no license or certification is required within the United States. Although there are many experts that believe some sort of official documentation should be required, as of yet there is none. However, to become a groomer education is mandatory.


Completing any number of grooming styles in a safe manner that satisfies the dog’s owner is a skill that can only be acquired through education. Therefore, anyone thinking about a career such as this should begin the journey by locating a respected and qualified grooming school.


Professional dog grooming schools are located throughout the country but as with any educational institution, some are better than others are so spending time researching the school’s history, philosophy, teaching methods, and references would be critical.


A few of the specific things a person should look for in a top professional dog grooming school includes one that offers seminars, workshops, and preferably, more than 500 hours of actual hands-on grooming experience. With this, the individual would receive some type of certificate or diploma that acknowledges the course was taken and passed, thereby providing customers with peace of mind.


Completing a Dog Grooming Apprenticeship


While an apprenticeship would not be required to work in the professional dog grooming industry, it would certainly help. Not only would this help draw in more customers but it would provide the groomer with additional training to become an outstanding groomer in high demand. With an apprenticeship, additional hands-on work, as well as more in-depth training would be offered. Completing an apprenticeship through a well-respected company would also give the groomer even more clout.


Online Education


Although somewhat controversial, there are opportunities for learning to become a professional groomer by using online courses. The thing about this is that while many online educational courses offer everything a person would need to know about grooming, it lacks the ability to work with dogs in person.


Many of the best internet programs also come with a diploma of some type, which helps but we strongly recommend that if someone were interested in learning via this method that an apprenticeship also be completed. That way, the person would have both aspects of training required to be an excellent groomer.


If an apprenticeship could not be found, another option would be to contact local grooming companies, asking to volunteer as a means of gaining hands-on experience.


Books and DVDs


Regardless of which avenue a person chooses to get involved with regarding professional dog grooming, it would be beneficial to purchase some of the top rated books and DVDs on the market.


These could be used as ongoing references when questions arise but also for adding to other learning experiences. Obviously, it would not be recommended to use books and DVDs alone to learn pet grooming skills but again, they do add value overall.


Dog Grooming Seminars and Magazines


Seminars are also an excellent way to learn about new techniques, skills needed for grooming specific breeds, overcoming problems, and being introduced to state-of-the-art equipment.


The same would be true with grooming magazines in that they provide a tremendous amount of current information that would enhance any person’s grooming skills. In fact, people who have been in the professional dog grooming industry for years still depend heavily on seminars and magazines to hone current skills. Because things in this industry change quickly, both options would be highly recommended.


Dog Grooming Associations


The last recommendation would be to join a respected grooming association. Not only would this provide helpful information to the groomer but also give credit to the groomer’s ability which in the eyes of customers means everything since grooming involves a beloved pet.


Dog Grooming Equipment

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