Top Rated Choices for Holistic Dog Food

Many people confuse homeopathic practices with holistic practices. While there are some concepts that cross over, in reality, the two are very different. Because we wanted to provide a list of top rated choices for holistic dog food, we will first address the differences.


The great thing is that instead of feeding a family pet with food that contains unhealthy ingredients, and in some instances, ingredients that could actually pose health risks, we wanted to show you why holistic food is a much better alternative.


Understanding Holistic Practices 

As mentioned, it is common for people to think that homeopathic and holistic practices are the same but in fact, they are not. Homeopathy is actually a practice based on a concept that diseases are treatable with drugs but only small amounts whereby larger amounts of the same drugs could cause symptoms of the same diseases.


However, holistic practices are to treat a person or animal as a whole. In other words, rather than treat the symptom, the underlying cause must be identified and treated. While this has long been used in humans, today it is a practice that many veterinarians support, which is one reason that holistic dog food has become so popular.


Think of holistic dog food this way – if a dog suffered from arthritis, rather than just pain and swelling being treated, the dog would be treated as a whole to achieve optimal health.


Knowing that a dog’s overall health is being addressed is another reason that holistic dog food has grown in popularity. While there are many positive aspects associated with this type of pet food, as with any commercial product for dogs it would be imperative to choose wisely.


Proper Nutrition 

Top rated choices for holistic dog food are made with not only quality ingredients but also appropriate ingredients based on the pet’s need. That way, a dog dealing with some type of health issue would be guaranteed to get proper nutrition needed to live a long and happy life.


Keep in mind that while holistic dog food has often been used by people who have pets with health problems, this type of food would be a great choice even for healthy pets. While holistic dog food tends to be a top seller, food of this kind is also made for cats, horses, and other animals. That way, unhealthy animals are treated with food and possibly medication, and healthy animals stay healthy.


Great Food Choices 

As mentioned, we wanted to provide a list of some of the top rated choices for holistic dog food but remember that this is a partial list. To identify other possibilities, a simple search online would reveal even more great food choices for the family pet.


Blue Buffalo – This particular commercial dog food has been a favorite for people throughout the country because of the dedication that goes into choosing ingredients, as well as manufacturing processes. A holistic formula is available for people who want to feed their dog the best of the best because of the rich vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but also great flavor


Canidae – Another excellent choice is from Canidae. This company has built a reputation for quality by using ingredients that are 100% natural and of human grade. In fact, Canidae only uses ingredients that are made in the United States and uses facilities for manufacturing all of their pet food products approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Castor and Pollux Pet Works – Although this company is not as well-known as others, it still deserves a spot on our list of the best choices for holistic dog food. Along with using only the highest organic ingredients available, the company provides flavors that satisfy even the hungriest dog while supporting good health and helping with specific health issues.


Eagle Pack – This family owned and operated company has been around for over 25 years. In fact, when compared to other companies that sell holistic dog food, Eagle Pack was among the first to offer pet owners food of this kind. Ingredients are also human grade and food processing handled in plants that are inspected to ensure they meet FDA and company standards.


Flint River Ranch – The last recommendation we wanted to make for top rated choices of holistic dog food is this, a company established in 1993 and one that uses only all natural ingredients of human grade that have been oven baked twice. This locks in flavor but without depleting vitamins and minerals.


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