Reasons Why Organic Dog Food is a Good Choice

One of the most popular types of dog food hands down is organic. People who love and cherish their pets realize the value that comes with food of this type. Feeding organic dog food is a great way to maintain a dog’s health and wellness so he remains a part of the family for many years to come.


Unfortunately, some people believe pet food of this kind is too expensive to buy but in truth, prices have come down.


When organic dog food was first introduced, it was significantly higher than other products but with growing popularity and consumer demand, companies understood that this type of food had to be more affordable so appropriate adjustments were made by most of the more reputable companies.


Key Factors


Before going out to buy organic dog food, it would be important to understand what qualifies a brand from being organic. The bottom line is that unless the pet food manufacturer guarantees a product is 95% certified organic, it does not qualify as being such.


Now, the ingredients might be natural but that does not mean the ingredients were grown or raised in an organic setting and with organic processes. Of course, natural dog food would be better than standard grade food but organic would be an even better choice.


The primary reason for choosing organic dog food is that it promotes good health. For dogs that have certain health issues, food of this kind could promote improvement but for healthy dogs, organic food would continue to support good health.


Most people who have switched their dog’s diet to one consisting of organic ingredients state they noticed pets have more energy, they are more alert, and many dogs have improved behavior. Additionally, these dog owners agree that when organic dog food is provided to pets with health issues, symptoms decrease and in some instances, disappear altogether.


Better Flavor and Higher Nutrition


Another difference people discovered after changing their pet to organic dog food is that dogs seemed to enjoy the flavor better. Rather than nibbling or picking, a bowl of organic food set down at supper time was quickly consumed.


For people who have dogs that are fussy eaters, this is obviously great news, not to mention a cost savings by not buying several brands and formulas of food to find one liked only to throw food away because of not being eaten.


It is also a known fact that when looking a nutritional value of organic dog food compared to more conventional types of food, organic is by far the better choice. Keep in mind that along with natural ingredients being chosen, organic dog food must also be processed in a very specific manner and in a facility that meets or exceeds organic standards.


In other words, manufacturing processes of conventional dog food are not controlled like those for organic food. Therefore, organic dog food has a much higher level of nutrients. This coupled with great flavor has prompted people throughout the country to make the change.


Environmental Issues


Although when buying organic dog food the focus is on providing pets with high quality food that is 100% natural and made from flavorful ingredients, from a human perspective, this type of food supports the cause for a healthy environment.


Because this type of pet food contains no preservatives, additives, or dyes, vegetables and grains were grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals, and meat products contain no antibiotics or hormones, the planet’s health is also being preserved.


Unfortunately, every product made with chemicals, to include dog food, puts the planet at risk. These dangerous chemicals get into the earth’s water supply, many are airborne so they travel to plants and other animals but are also breathed in, and soil becomes contaminated, the planet we call home is being destroyed.


However, each time a person chooses organic dog food, along with other organic products, a positive step toward reducing pollution and saving this beautiful environment is being taken.


Tips for Making the Change


As a final note, while making the change from conventional to organic dog food, it would be important to go slow. Otherwise, dogs would likely experience stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems. However, by introducing food slowly, dogs would handle the change better and accept the new flavors easier.


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