Husky Dog Breed

When it comes to the Husky dog breed, most people think there are two varieties to include the Alaskan Husky and the Siberian Husky but actually, the Alaskan dog is actually a Malamute. There are so many beautiful dogs in the world but the Husky is simply stunning.


While not for everyone because of grooming requirements in keeping the long, cashmere-like undercoat and longer top coat healthy, for some people this particular breed would be ideal. The Husky dog breed also comes in several colors to include solid white and black, with dogs having various head markings.


History and Information

Like other dog breeds, the origin of the Husky is somewhat murky although most experts believe the dog was bred within the Chukchi Tribe, found off the eastern Siberian peninsula in Northeast Asia. Although this breed has a long history, it became best known in the early part of the 20th century when used in a 408 mile long dogsled race called the All-Alaskan Sweepstakes. In addition, the Husky dog breed served in World War II as an Artic Search and Rescue dog for the Army, which solidified this breed’s worth.


Pros of the Husky Dog Breed

We first wanted to offer some of the positive aspects of the Siberian Husky. For starters, this particular dog has an excellent reputation for being an all-around dog, one that works hard, loves to play, and is loving and protective of the family.


Along with sledding, the Siberian Husky has become a great worker specific to therapy. The only consideration is that because this dog has a natural instinct for hunting, owners should seriously consider having just one Husky although if properly supervised, the Siberian Husky could live without problems alongside other animals although larger animals would be best.


Something else that people appreciate about the Husky dog breed is that while strong and a great protector, this dog is still medium sized. For this reason, if someone wanted to keep the dog indoors while at work or school, it would not be a problem.


The Siberian Husky is also helpful to have around due to its ability to carry light loads and over great distances. Because of this, if someone needed a working dog on occasion, the Husky could be the ideal choice of dog.


The Husky dog breed is also extremely smart and because this dog is dedicated to its owner and willing to do whatever it takes to please, training efforts generally pay off quickly. In fact, of all dog breeds, watching the Siberian Husky at work during training sessions is an amazing experience because of the gracefulness, quickness, and ability of being light on the feet. Then, learning quickly, whether being trained for obedience or more intense courses is another reason working with this breed is such as enjoyable experience.


Many people are surprised that the Husky dog breed is so gentle, friendly, loving, and affectionate. This dog offers great protection but with barking and stance. In other words, protection of the family and home seldom involves any level of aggressive behavior.


This breed also does great with other dogs, regardless if cats or dogs. The Siberian Husky also possesses high intelligence and a disposition to please. For this reason, training is never a problem. Of course, many people choose the Husky dog breed simply for the unconditional love and companionship provided.


Cons of the Husky Dog Breed 

There are not very many things that would be considered negative although the one thing most owners dislike is grooming requirements. Now, because the Siberian Husky was bred in extremely cold climates, shedding would be less for people living in colder regions opposed to those living in warm climates.


Although the Husky could live anywhere, colder climates would obviously be the preferred environment. However, regardless of geographic location, daily brushing would be essential but a proper comb should be used to keep the undercoat smooth and silky and the overcoat thinned out.


Although not necessarily negative, remember the Husky dog breed is an outdoor dog, one that needs room to roam so a small backyard or apartment would simply not suffice. With this type of dog, daily exercise is a must.


Otherwise, an owner could find a very unhappy dog that displays bad habits and behavior, part from boredom but also in retaliation. As stated earlier, the Siberian Husky is not the right breed of dog for everyone but for people who love spending time outside and have ample space to offer, this would be an exceptional dog to own.


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