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With so many possibilities for dog breed books, choosing just one or possibly two could be an overwhelming experience. Then when you consider that you could shop for books of this type at any number of local stores, as well as online, you could only imagine the vast options. Of course, the exact book chosen would depend on the information needed based on the ultimate goal of buying a puppy or adult dog.


The type of dog breed books considered would depend if you were simply curious about different breeds, comparing breeds that you might be interested in buying, looking at information because you love dogs, or perhaps conducting research for you, a friend, or even a school project. You might also be looking for specific information for breeds such as training, temperament, health problems, breeding tips, and so on.


In truth, you could spend countless hours scouring through various sources while looking for one or more dog breed books but to save you time and effort, we pulled information together on the top six. As you know, if none of the recommendations we offered suffice, a quick search through,,, or another search engine would reveal page after page of other possibilities.


How to be the Leader of the Pack – Patricia B. McConnell 

Although puppies can present any number of challenges, one in particular, especially for breeds that have natural tendencies toward aggression, has to do with you setting the rules for being the “leader of the pack”, opposed to allowing the dog to take the leadership role. Since dogs are pack animals in the wild, they have a precise pecking order. Therefore, the natural response a puppy would have is to move to the front of the line as the leader at which time you would need to help the puppy understand the pecking order with you being the boss.


Train your Dog – The Positive Gentle Method – Nicole Wilde 

This book also comes with a DVD that introduces you to effective means for building a lifelong bond with your pet. The information covers basic commands that all dogs should know and comes with specific training tips to get the desired results quickly. Using the step-by-step techniques would give you the incredible opportunity of providing your puppy with gentle but also proven training. In addition, the DVD provides training for a number of breeds and provides advantages of being directly involved with training your new dog.


The Art of Raising a Puppy – The Monks of New Skete 

For more than two decades, the Monks at the New Skete monastery in New York have been heavily involved with breeding and training various dog breeds. With the information provided in this dog breed book, you would have access to numerous tips for understanding your dog’s instincts, as well as his behavior and needs. With this, choosing the appropriate training method would be easier. The information is comprehensive, starting at the birth of the puppy and going through 12 weeks of age. You would learn appropriate gentle touch training methods for each phase of your puppy’s first year of life.


The Atlas of Dog Breeds of the World – Bonnie Wilcox 

If you already own a dog or perhaps want to buy a new puppy, this reference guide offers 912 pages loaded with a wealth of information. In addition to valuable insight into more commonly known breeds, the book provides information on rarer and even extinct breeds. Along with information pertaining to breed history, country of origin, colors, height, weight, coat descriptions, character traits, personality, and more, you would also enjoy the full size color photographs, making this one of the top dog breed books ever written.


The Ultimate Dog Book – David Taylor 

This is yet another recommendation for our list of the best dog breed books currently being sold. Information in this book covers over 100 breeds with content being well written and easy to read. As a bonus, the book features beautiful colored photographs that accompany all descriptions. Some of the topics addressed in this book include breed temperament, socialization, healthcare and medical problems, training techniques, insight into showing dogs, choosing a mutt over pedigree, and much more.


Choosing a Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Breed – Nancy Baer 

The last recommendation for dog breed books offers insight and proven methods for choosing the right breed based on a number of factors such as lifestyle, purpose for buying a dog, budget for purchase and ongoing care, the amount of time available to spend with the dog, and much more. Other topics include choosing indoor versus outdoor activities, handling common problems such as obesity and allergies, dealing with dogs that shed, and a variety of other things you would need to know prior to shopping for a new puppy.


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