What is The Smartest Dog Breed?

If you were to line up 100 people, each the owner of a different breed, hands down they would all say they owned the smartest dog breed.


As pet owners, we all believe we own the most amazing dog and while each breed offers something special, the truth is that some breeds are naturally smarter than other breeds.


Now, when we say “smartest”, this is defined as breeds that are the most trainable, not necessarily dogs that are intelligent.


Although there are a number of benefits that come from owning the smartest dog breed there are also some drawbacks. A perfect example is that smart dogs tend to get bored.


For that reason, most need to be kenneled when you leave home. Otherwise, you might face destructive behavior or even have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety. Therefore, when buying any dog, it would be helpful to determine your lifestyle and what each breed could offer and how the breed would work with the way you live.


Border Collie – According to many experts, the smartest dog breed is the Border Collie. This breed is a hard worker and born to work. When it comes to competition in the field, the Border Collie has incredible obedience and agility skills but because of the high intelligence level and drive, this breed needs a tremendous amount of attention. In addition, unless the Border Collie is provided with space to roam and given a lot of exercise, he would probably become destructive.


Poodle – It is unfortunate that so many people think of the Poodle as nothing more than a curly haired dog that yips. In truth, the Poodle is also considered by many as the smartest dog breed. In fact, when it comes to training, this breed wins in that he wants to please and because of intelligence level picks up on commands quickly. Poodles are actually great watch dogs, as well as being loyal, loving, sensitive, and overall happy.


German Shepherd – Another one of the top choices when it comes to the smartest dog breeds is the German Shepherd. In addition to being smart, this breed is strong, protective, and brave. Because this breed can be a handful it is important to provide obedience training as a puppy but once trained, he would gladly obey. While many people relate the German Shepherd to search and rescue or law enforcement, this dog breed is also a great family pet and is great around children.


Golden Retriever – This is another breed that deserves to be on the smartest dog breed list. Each year, the Golden Retriever makes the list of best breeds for a number of reasons. For instance, this dog breed is not only intelligence but also gentle, extremely loyal, patient, and excellent with children. Along with excelling in field competitions and shows, the Golden Retriever learns tricks to entertain quite easily.


Labrador Retriever – This breed is also ranked high year after year because of its ability to learn but much more. Although a large breed, the Labrador is very gentle, as well as loving, affectionate, and patient, making it a perfect choice for families with children. Labradors have a desire to please but also work so exercise would be essential. When properly cared for to promote good health and given the chance to burn off energy, you cannot go wrong choosing this breed.


Australian Cattle Dog – Because of being very active, this breed requires regular exercise. The Australian Cattle Dog is also extremely smart and due to his ability in the field herding cattle he definitely deserves a place on the list of the smartest dog breeds. Unlike many other breeds, this one is a free thinker and resourceful. Therefore, while the dog would obey commands to get the job done he also has the ability to make quick and correct decisions on his own.


Rottweiler – Unfortunately, the Rottweiler breed has been given a bad rap for years. Yes, this breed is courageous, fierce, and a perfect choice if you want a guard dog and protector but behind all that bravery is a very gentle, loving, and intelligent dog. The Rottweiler is actually very easy to train and because the breed wants to please his master, commands are learned fast.


Shetland Sheepdog – The last dog we wanted to mention on our smartest dog breed list is this one. People who have owned a Shetland Sheepdog swear the breed has the same intelligence as a human. Although first used to herd cattle, he has quickly become a popular choice for families. In addition to being loving and loyal, the Shetland Sheepdog is an ideal watch dog, always looking out for his owner.


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