What is The Best Dog Breed For Children?

People choose dogs for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the choice is for a guard dog, other times, the preferred dog would be to help with search and rescue but most often, the goal would be finding the best dog breed for children.


Millions of families have dogs as pets primarily for the sake of children. If you want to add a dog to your family and you have children at home, it would be essential to choose the breed that would be gentle, loving, loyal, patient, but also protective without going overboard.


The great thing is that there are multitude options that would be considered among the best dog breed for children. However, we put a list together of 10 of the breeds that received top ratings for all characteristics mentioned and more.


This would give you some idea of breeds to consider but again, there are many others that would be ideal. Just remember that the age and even personality of your children would also be key factors.


Smaller children would need to be taught the appropriate way to deal with a dog since they commonly tug on ears and tails. Additionally, hyper children would need a dog with a tremendous amount of affection and patience.




The Beagle has long been used for hunting but along with this, the breed is a perfect family pet. Because the Beagle loves to play, we recommend a home with older, more active children.


Keep in mind that the Beagle is very smart so proper toys, training, and exercise would be required. While there many positive aspects of this breed, they do shed so regular brushing and bathing would also be mandatory.


Bull Dog


Many people are surprised to learn that the Bull Dog makes a great choice. For one thing, this particular breed has a strong and sturdy body so from a physical perspective he can handle more than smaller, more fragile dogs. However, the Bull Dog also adjusts to a number of environments with ease, the breed is easy to train, gets along well with both dogs and cats, is extremely loyal, and friendly. The one thing to consider is that this is an energetic dog so typically, a home with older kids would be best.


Bull Terrier


This too is an active breed that loves playing and exercise so a home with a yard or adults, as well as older children that could provide regular walking would be suggested. The one thing that people notice most is the level of affection the Bull Terrier provides, making this another choice for the best dog breed for children.




For a predictable and gentle breed, the Collie would make the top of the list. Additionally, the Collie is extremely eager to please, easy to train, and loves children. Because of the beautiful long coat, the breed also needs regular grooming but overall, this would be a great dog to add to the family.


Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is somewhat smaller with a longer coat. However, this breed is similar to the Labrador when it comes to personality and character traits. Always eager to please, the Golden Retriever is a perfect choice for homes with kids.


Irish Setter


We needed to add the Irish Setter to the list of the best dog breed for children due to its loving and sweet nature. In addition, this breed is playful but without being hyper, very smart, and a breeze to train.


Although the breed does well with children of all ages, because of the high energy level we suggest a home with older children and a home with a yard or close to outdoor space for exercise.


Labrador Retriever


Perhaps one breed that everyone knows works great with children is the Labrador Retriever, also referred to as the “Lab”. Of all breeds, the Labrador is one that is never a mistake.


Although the breed sheds and needs regular exercise, there is no dog that is more loving, especially when it comes to children. As a bonus, this breed is smart, trainable, patient, and just downright sweet.




Due to the large size of this breed many people never consider the Newfoundland as a family pet but in reality, this particular dog is amazing with children. In fact, the Newfoundland is not only patient, gentle, affection, and loving but also appropriately protective.


The interesting thing about this breed is the desire to babysit children of all ages. Unfortunately, the breed sheds and tends to drool so many people keep them outside but the Newfoundland would much rather has his place within the home.




Sadly, the Poodle has been given a bad rap. Most people think of this as being a yappy breed but in truth, the Poodle is rated as one of the smartest dog breeds known. The Poodle is also intelligent, gentle, loyal, and loving to the entire family. Due to the good nature presented, we have no problem in suggesting this breed.


The one thing to keep in mind is expense of grooming since Poodles do not shed. However, this attribute also makes him a great choice for families with allergies and respiratory problems such as asthma.




Although this breed is one that many people know nothing about, they can be purchased through reputable breeders. If you want a dog that is well-mannered, affectionate, loyal, peaceful, and gentle, this would be a top choice. Some of the other advantages of this breed are the ability to learn quickly and its desire to please the family.


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