Small Dog Breeds

Dogs are by far one of the most popular pet choices across the globe. Many canine lovers are content with just having one around, no matter how large they are, and are so close to them that they are considered a member of the family.


But for some, it comes down to the actual size of the dog to determine if they are interested in owning one. For these people, small dog breeds are the only way to go.


There is any number of reasons why a dog that is smaller in stature would be preferred over a larger breed. Sometimes it simply comes down to the size of the environment, and not the size of the dog.


Apartment owners and condo dwellers love little canines for obvious reasons: they don’t take up much space. They are also less likely to cause damage to the unit, which pays off when the tenant is prepared to leave and wants to recoup their deposit.


Elderly people also love smaller breeds because they are easier to control, they require less maintenance and are less likely to cause damage or destruction. Plus, small animals can cuddle and be held, something that elderly people cherish immensely.


They are even portable, often being found in bags and purses in the supermarket or while running errands. Some are even compact enough to fit in the person’s lap while they drive. It’s like having a fully functional toy, and a constant companion, with them all the time.


Small dogs are great for retirees and families who like to travel. In a moving recreational vehicle, space is more vital than ever. What’s better than seeing the great outdoors with your canine companion by your side the whole time?


And whether you are at home or traveling, you have to take into consideration how well your little one can maneuver through your home or coming in and out. This is definitely an important factor if you have stairs.


According to overall popularity, there are nearly one hundred breeds of canine that are classified as being smaller in size. There isn’t really a set guideline as to what would classify as a small dog since everyone has their own opinions. Generally, the rule of thumb is one that is 10 inches or under at shoulder level is considered small. However, this is not a steadfast rule.


If this size suits you then you will have to narrow down your selection before you can make the best decision. Dogs are like any other pets: they have to match their owners. People will typically choose a dog that resembles them and their personality. A person who is laid back, reclusive, and likes to keep things casual will want an animal that wants to lie around with them watching TV. A highly energetic dog would go against their personality, and therefore, they would not enjoy them as much as an outgoing family that is constantly on the go and loves the outdoors.


Some people will choose their animal based on how vocal they are and smaller breeds are notorious for being vocal. A person who lives alone, an elderly individual, or someone who is housebound quite often due to illness will benefit from one of these noise boxes.


It’s like having a built-in mobile alarm that patrols the premises constantly. It gives the owner peace of mind, and the dog a real feeling of purpose. It doesn’t take long for the animal to pick up on the tasks that are expected of them.


Another thing to consider with this type of dog is their disposition. Some animals take well to others and enjoy playing with anyone that will give them the time of day- regardless of who they are. This is important for someone with children who has friends over on a continuous basis, or for young people or couples who are into socializing.


On the other hand, some breeds are not meant to be around small children. They become jealous very quickly and do not respond well with having to share their master’s attention. This can ring especially true if the dog has been around for a while before a child comes onto the scene. This situation has to be handled very delicately.


While some dogs have the ability to adapt to changing environments, others never quite settle into the shift. Taking note of this characteristic is important for the family and the canine.


The last reason why certain people enjoy small dog breeds is the cost of ownership. The main expenditure here is food. Try feeding a Great Dane and a Chihuahua and you’ll quickly see a major difference in your pet care bill.


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