Water Dog Toys

Water dogs, as well as retrievers love to play on land and in the water. In fact, these dogs are generally more excited when they have water dog toys so they can get wet and splash.


These toys are generally designed for games of fetch, which makes them ideal for playtime, as well as training. Although toys of this type are nothing new, it has only been in recent times that the selection of water dog toys has expanded.


In fact, many dog owners would simply devise some kind of homemade toy because finding actual water dog toys was so difficult, not to mention expensive. Today, all types of toys have been created so finding quality products that fit within the budget is not really an issue anymore.


However, because water dog toys are unique to other types of toys that dogs typically play with, we wanted to start by offering some simple suggestions on what to look for, followed by actual products to consider buying.


Important Dynamics of Water Dog Toys


Obviously, because toys of this kind would be used primarily in water, it would be essential for them to be made from high quality material to handle ongoing wear and tear. In addition, because a water dog or retriever would dive into the water, swim to the toy, and then fetch, the design should be such not to do any harm to the mouth.


In fact, if the dog were used for bird hunting it would be even more important for the toy to be designed for a soft mouth in support of training provided. Of course, the toy should have buoyancy to float and preferably be made of a bright color that would make it easy to see.


Water Wubba


The first of the water dog toys we wanted to mention is the Water Wubba. This nice thing about this particular toy is because of its bright colors, it could be spotted quickly and easily.


This toy consists of two rubber balls, each covered in neoprene fabric. In addition, long streams of fabric dangle down, adding to visual appeal but also ability to retrieve. This toy is also well made to the point of having extra stitching and reinforced fabric so it is extremely strong and durable for land, water, and snow playtime and training.


Floatie Flappy


Another popular choice when it comes to water dog toys is offered by Flappy. Although all toys this company makes are exceptional, this one is considered among the best for water dogs and retrievers. This toy is well made with a solid rubber core that provides buoyancy and it has an extremely durable covering.


You could choose from numerous sizes to include 11-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch depending on the size and breed of dog. Whether training for retrieval purposes or simply playing fetch, this toy is a great choice, again on land and in the water.


Amphibious Boomerang


Unlike traditional boomerangs, this one is designed to sail smoothly through the air but also float high on the water’s surface. The boomerang comes in a number of neon colors, making it easy to find, it is made from soft memory foam material coupled with rugged nylon so it is strong and durable, and it measures 9.5 inches in length. Dogs love this toy and could literally spend hours on end playing.


Aqua Kong


Kong has long been a respected company for all of the toys it manufactures but for its line of water dog toys, the Aqua Kong is considered one of the most impressive. For one thing, this toy has a unique core insert made of foam that allows it to sit high in the water. Because of this, dogs have better visibility but also find it easier to retrieve.


However, one of the most unique aspects of this toy is that it works as a scent pad, making it ideal for training. Other features include bright colors and the 18-inch nylon rope. Because of this long throw rope, you would have no problem completing throws of significant distance.


Huck ‘Em


We also wanted to add this product to our list of cool water dog toys because of its durability and interesting design. This toy actually has aerodynamic qualities that make it a great product to use outside on land and in the water.


The toy is covered with strong and durable nylon and features a rubber ball complete with bell located on the inside. In addition, the Huck ‘Em floats easily and is rated by dog experts, as well as pet owners as one of the top tossing toys enjoyed by dogs of all breeds.


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