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Today, dog food manufacturing companies have come up with a full range of formulas. For instance, you can find products for dogs with arthritis, shedding problems, kidney problems, weight problems, and the list goes one. Known as wellness dog food, it seems as if most brands now have their own line of possibilities.


While it is great to have choices that would support better health, just remember that as with any dog food you want to feed your pet quality food.


Along with quality ingredients, you need to understand that some of the less known brands do not follow strict guidelines for processing wellness dog food. In fact, recent reports have come out whereby poorly made foods contain shards of fish bone that can cause damage or even death to dogs.


For this reason, we pulled information together on the top choices of wellness dog food, those made with high quality ingredients and foods processed in a controlled environment so you would have complete confidence and peace of mind when you purchase food for your beloved pet.


Remember, most wellness dog food brands are more expensive but in return, you are giving your pet food needed for a long and healthy life, which means fewer trips to the veterinarian.


Orijen Dog Food


The first choice of wellness dog food is by Orijen, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom. This particular brand is made without grain of any kind so it works great for pets with allergy problems.


Because Orijen is made with 70% meat and 30% vegetables, dogs are fed quality food that they love. When it comes to dry food, this one is hard to beat.


California Natural Dog Food


Another great choice is this brand and because it is made without corn, wheat, gluten, or soy, it is easy on the digestive system. In addition, dogs with allergies could eat California Natural without experiencing problems. Of all wellness dog food brands on the market, this is the only one with both protein fat and carbohydrates. Not only do dogs love the flavor but the price is within reason.


Innova Dog Food


We also wanted to mention Innova, made from only the highest quality and premium grade organic ingredients. Made with meat, fish, and vegetables, along with being loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fish oil, this food is excellent for dogs with a variety of health issues.


Evo Dog Food


When it comes to low fat diets that have few carbohydrates but rich vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, Evo would be the perfect choice. While there are many reasons this is rated as one of the best wellness dog food choices, containing as much as 53% protein is certainly a reason for growing popularity.


Nutro Dog Food


This brand is also ranked among the best wellness dog food choices. For one thing, it is made without any preservatives or fillers. Then, the ingredients are 100% natural so along with being a great choice for dogs with allergies and digestive problems, it helps by promoting overall good health. One other benefit is that the manufacturer added vitamin E to keep ingredients fresh longer.


Canidae Dog Food


This brand along with others offers a number of special formulas for a variety of health issues. However, all products are made with four proteins and whole foods of human grade and absolutely no grains.


Merrick Dog Food


Another product made with human grade ingredients, Merrick uses only the best quality food available but also no additives, preservatives, or byproducts. As a bonus, all ingredients are pure and obtained from local farms.


Solid Gold Dog Food


This wellness dog food is also made without preservatives, animal fats, or fillers of any kind. Instead, pets are provided high quality food void of antibiotics or hormones.


Natural Balance Dog Food


All meat made in this product is USDA approved. Additionally, the remaining ingredients used are domestically grown and contain no wheat, soy, corn, or fillers. Therefore, dogs that need to be on a vegetarian diet for health reasons would benefit from this particular wellness dog food.


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