Dog Breed Prices for the Top 10

We conducted research to identify the top ten dog breeds according to some of the most respected experts and came up with an impressive list.


These dogs were considered the best all-around as family pets, dogs that were loving, affectionate, loyal, and gentle, but also protective. Because of the popularity of these ten breeds, we felt it would also be helpful to provide the dog breed prices for each.


That way, as you go through to find the right family dog you would have a good understanding of what all ten breeds offer but also what you would expect to pay.




The first breed is the Beagle. This particular dog is adorable and ideal for families, especially those with older kids who want a dog they can romp with and exercise.


This breed has a high intelligence level, has been rated as being extremely easy to train, and they tend to be somewhat comical. For a loving dog that would offer both affection and loyalty, you would pay between $100 and $200 for a purebred. Obviously, when comparing dog breed prices, the cost of a Beagle is very affordable.


Bull Dog


Another one of the top ten breeds we discovered is the Bull Dog. Although this dog would be happier in a home where it could have outdoor space to burn off energy or kids that would provide daily walks, the Bull Dog is sturdy and loves a family environment.


Additionally, the Bull Dog is one that trains easily and the breed gets along amazingly well with all other pets. On average, you would pay $800 for a purebred but quite a bit more for a dog with a strong heritage. While the price is much higher than the Beagle, this breed is still a remarkable choice.


Bull Terrier


The Bull Terrier also made our list of the best dog breeds for people who want a family pet. As with the other two breeds mentioned, this dog has a lot of energy so a backyard or daily walks would be necessary but in return, you would be provided with a tremendous amount of love and loyalty. To buy a purebred Bull Terrier with a good family tree, the cost would be around $1,000 to $1,200.




Also rated high for family dogs, the Collie is considered one of the most gentle and predictable breeds known. We all think of Lassie when we think of the Collie and buying this particular breed would provide you with much the same experience as “Timmy”.


The Collie works hard to please, handles training exceptionally well, and best of all, this is a dog that adores children. Even though regular grooming would be required to maintain the beautiful flowing coat, the price of $700 on average would be money well spent.


Golden Retriever


The nice thing about the Golden Retriever is the size, not too large but not too small. This breed would also require regular grooming but the loyalty and affection provided is unrivaled.


The Golden Retriever is very smart, easy to train, loving, and usually has a lot of personality. This breed is also excellent with children of all ages due to its level of gentleness. On average, the Golden Retriever sells between $1,000 and $1,200 but in return, you would end up with an incredible dog that would quickly become another family member.


Irish Setter


When it comes to sweetness and loyalty, it would be hard to find another dog that surpasses the Irish Setter. This breed is also playful and has high energy so in most cases, a home with older children would be best.


Although the Irish Setter remains somewhat of a puppy for about two years, the breed is very easy to train so gaining and maintaining control is not difficult. The key factor in choosing this particular breed would be having space for exercise, whether in the form of a large backyard or nearby park. On average, dog breed prices for the Irish Setter are $400 to $600.


Labrador Retriever


For years, the Labrador Retriever has been on the top ten list provided by the American Kennel Club or AKC for very good reasons. For one thing, this breed is exceptionally smart and easy to train.


In addition, the Labrador Retriever could be trained as a hunting dog, service dog, law enforcement dog, or simply a family pet. Because this breed is so versatile but also loving, loyal, affectionate, and protective, it remains one of the best dogs on the planet. Dog breed prices in this case range from $500 to $1,000, again depending on lineage.




Although the Newfoundland is a large breed, it also makes a great family pet because of being so loving and gentle. You would find that this breed is also extremely patient so being around children would never be a problem.


In fact, the breed is often referred to as the “Mother Teresa” of dogs because of its desire to protect and babysit kids. Along with doing its duty in keeping the family safe, the breed is sweet natured and affectionate. For a good purebred, prices start around $1,000 and go up.




The Poodle should not be overlooked as a family pet. Although the smaller versions would do best in a home of adults, the standard size, which is as large as a Labrador Retriever is great with children.


Of all breeds, the Poodle is considered one of the smartest but also, this breed is very loyal to its owners, as well as gentle and loving. Of course, there would be the ongoing expense of having the dog groomed but for an excellent family pet with a long life you would pay around $600 or more.




Many people have never heard of this breed, which is a real shame. Breeders are located throughout the country, making this an easy breed to find. The dog has short hair, loves the water and great with kids.


Additionally, this breed is known for its incredible level of loyalty and gentleness. However, the Vizsla is also a high-energy dog so room to run or daily exercise is mandatory. Although when it comes to dog breed prices this one is the highest around $1,500, you would end up with one of the smartest and easiest to train dogs known.


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