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Considering the vast number of dog food products sold in grocery stores, pet stores, and pet supply stores, it is no surprise that dog owners feel completely confused.


Today, most dog owners want to feed their pet food made only with natural ingredients opposed to fillers and unhealthy ingredients but even among these brands, the numbers are so great that choosing is hard.


To help simplify things, we put a list together to show dog owners some of the better brands of dog food made with nothing but healthy and natural ingredients. The brands listed below were formulated to promote health and wellness but they also provide flavor that dogs love.


The Honest Kitchen


Another one of the best brands of dog food, this comes from a company owned and operated by a family in San Diego. The process involves dehydration so nutrients in each ingredient used are retained to include vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.


Additionally, the only meats used come from animals raised humanly and certified organic, coupled with fruits and vegetables such as papaya, coconut, spinach, apples, bananas, zucchini, celery, sweet potatoes, and more. The concept behind this brand of dog food is to offer pets food that is healthy but also affordable and convenient.




Manufactured by the Canadian company Champion Pet Foods, Orijen was actually honored with several prestigious awards for concept, ingredients, preparation, and manufacturing process. This particular brand of dog food is high in protein but also low in carbohydrates and it contains no grain.


The brand uses a variety of meat types, all fresh opposed to being frozen. In addition, Orijen consists of approximately 25% fresh fruits and vegetables. Rather than making the food based on what people think dogs need, this brand is made using the anatomy of dogs and foods they would eat in the wild.


Grandma Lucy’s


This company is located in California and also small but for over 10 years it has developed a full line of foods made from freeze dried chicken, venison, and lamb, and without grain.


The company owners firmly believe that using only the best ingredients possible and ingredients from local suppliers ensures dogs the finest food product. All meats and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free and fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pumpkin, celery, blueberry, sweet potatoes, and others are fresh and naturally grown.


Steve’s Real Food for Pets


We also wanted to add this to our recommendations for the best brands of dog food. Although this US-based company is small, it offers an amazing product with multiple formulas.


Each type of food is made with the perfect balance of frozen and freeze dried raw ingredients and all manufacturing processes are closely monitored. For the past 12 years, this company has been using ingredients from suppliers locally and regionally but also providing consumers a guarantee that all meat, poultry, and venison are antibiotic and hormone free.


Go! Natural


No list of brands of dog food made with natural ingredients would be complete without mentioning this one. Owned by Petcurean Pet Nutrition in Canada, this food is actually concentrated.


As a result, dogs get more nutrition while eating less. In fact, dogs can eat up to 40% less food but without having health and wellness, or satisfaction compromised. This food is formulated with as much as 50% meat protein so pets have more energy, fewer allergies, and healthier coats.




The great thing about this particular brand of dog food is that it is made without any grain. Instead, ingredients include protein and fats coupled with coconut oil. The primary challenge with other brands of dog food that contain zero grain is that phosphorus levels are typically high but NOW discovered a method for controlling levels. Formulas of NOW are available for every stage of a dog’s life and flavors are great even for picky eaters.




Our final recommendation for brands of dog food worth buying is called Pinnacle. Proteins are natural and include duck, trout, chicken, and organic quinoa. For this pet food, ingredients come from local and national suppliers and all meats are guaranteed as being antibiotic and hormone free.


Vegetables used in the food are dehydrated, which helps them retain a higher level of nutrients. Because this brand contains no allergens, it is the perfect choice for pets with sensitive digestive systems.


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