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Pet Food Giveaway Results

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our pet food giveaway contest! We’re very excited to announce the first winner! The winner is Peggy, who will be receiving a bag of Beneful Original Dog Food delivered straight to her doorstep via Petflow. She has two dogs, who are named Apollo and Judy. Peggy […]

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Pet Haven Blog – One worth a visit!

Here at PetFoodTalk, we know a lot about pets – both from our own research, and the experiences that we’ve had with our furry, scaly and aquatic companions. Something as simple as finding the right type of pet food can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with the amount of information online! We hope to […]

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BARF Diet for Dogs – Guest Post

{Editor Notes: This is a Guest Post provided by CeliaSue Hecht @ We encourage you to stop by her blog and take a look. Since we spend a lot of time talking about commercial kibble and not a lot of time on Raw foods, we asked CeliaSue to talk a little bit about feeding […]

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Announcing our Contest Winners!

First off sorry for the delay, we had some personal issues we had to take care of offline. Our next contest will be taking place in about 1 month. You can stay up to date on our contest by adding us on Facebook and Twitter: Facebook: Twitter: Our next contest will be benefiting […]

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Can I Get My Pet Food Delivered?

It’s no secret – we live in a society yearning for convenience. Each year, hundreds of products and services are released in an attempt to make our lives less stressful. In an era of fast-paced work environments, last-minute deadlines and after-school activities, it’s still easy to get overwhelmed. If you have pets, this adds a […]

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What is the Best Pet Food?

Many pet owners often ask their veterinarian, “What’s the best pet food for my pet?”. However, the answer to this question isn’t example simple. There are hundreds of different types of pet food, which are designed for a variety of health conditions, activity levels and age ranges. So, when choosing the best pet food, what […]

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Buying Pet Food Online

In an age when most transactions are conducted over the internet, many pet owners are now searching for ways to buy pet food online. Buying pet food online can be convenient, and can save you a trip to your local pet food store. Also, you can often find good quality pet foods online for much […]

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Buying Pet Food in Bulk

A great way to save on pet food is to purchase your pet food in bulk. Like with most transactions, purchasing pet food in large quantities may allow you to spend less money. However, there are a few precautions you should use when purchasing your pet food in bulk. Here’s a quick guide to buying […]

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Is Gourmet Pet Food Really… Gourmet?

A common marketing slogan for many pet food companies is the concept of “Gourmet Cuisine”. The word “gourmet” is of French origin, and most commonly used to describe food or drinks in human cuisine. If a pet food is marketed as “Gourmet”, it’s easy to get confused about what this actually means. Does it mean […]

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