Can I Get My Pet Food Delivered?

It’s no secret – we live in a society yearning for convenience. Each year, hundreds of products and services are released in an attempt to make our lives less stressful. In an era of fast-paced work environments, last-minute deadlines and after-school activities, it’s still easy to get overwhelmed. If you have pets, this adds a significant amount of responsibility to your daily routine. Because of this, many services have evolved to make pet care simpler, less stressful and more convenient. In the realm of pet food delivery, PetFlow now exists in an attempt to make obtaining pet food easier.

How Does it Work?

After signing up, a customer can create a ‘delivery schedule’ through PetFlow’s website. This schedule can be adjusted to fit the different needs of different types of pets, and for households with multiple pets. PetFlow offers incentives for customers that set up delivery schedules, including flat-rate shipping and on-time delivery.


Right now, there are around 1,900 products available through PetFlow’s website, which come from hundreds of different brands. The website specializes in everything from ‘budget’ food like “9Lives”, to ultra-premium brands like Orijen. Brands can be sorted by type of pet, age of pet, category, lifestyle and health conditions.

A cool feature of PetFlow is that it includes many pet food brands which can be difficult to find. An example of this is Ziwipeak, a brand that is based out of New Zealand. On the PetFlow website, a quick search for Ziwipeak yields many different dry and canned formulas.

PetFlow Facebook

Like many companies, PetFlow does have a fan page on Facebook. On their facebook page, they often share cute pet photos, giveaways and discount codes for their facebook fans. Unlike some company pages where there’s no interaction with fans, PetFlow often provides interesting, useful or downright funny information. Also, with several contests and giveaways, PetFlow keeps their fans interested in their company’s progress.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

When PetFlow started getting press in January of 2011, it was revealed that the company had partnered with IFAF (International Fund for Animal Welfare) for an offer for new members. For every person that signed up for PetFlow through the IFAF website with a food delivery schedule, PetFlow donated $40 to IFAF programs. This created a lot of buzz about PetFlow, including several press releases by pet-related websites.

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