Canidae Coupons

Canidae Coupons

Our Picks for Canidae Coupons, Discounts & Deals for Jun. 25, 2024

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Posted on Oct.03.2014
  • Please visit to receive 20% off of Canidae dog food.
Posted on Jul.14.2015
  • On your 1st delivery - Use code 12OFF
Posted on Sep.10.2014
  • Visit to receive up to 10% off on select varieties of Canidae Dog Food.
Posted on Jun.15.2014
Save on Canidae from Petfooddirect - 17% off at
Posted on Jun.08.2014
Canidae Dog Food deal from Petfooddirect - $5 off at Expires 7/31/14.
  • Use coupon code PFDSAVE5 at checkout.
Posted on Mar.30.2014
  • Sale on bags of Grain Free Canidea Pure Dog Food at
Posted on Jan.29.2014
Canidae Dog Food discounted at Petfooddirect - First time customers at save $25.
  • Save $25 on orders of $100 or more at if you are a first time buyer. Use code FOOD25 at checkout.
Posted on Mar.15.2013
Canidae Dog Food from Petsolutions - Save 10% off of any order at Expires 3/18/13.
  • Visit and use coupon code SAVETEN at checkout, to receive 10% off of your order. Free shipping on supply orders of $49 or more.
Posted on Feb.22.2013
Petsolutions discount on Canidae Dog Food - Save $10 on your first order at
  • Visit and use coupon code Take10Now to receive $10 off of your first order of $100 or more.
Posted on Feb.15.2013
Buy Canidae Dog Food from Petsolutions - Save 10% off sitewide at PetSolutions. Expires 2/18/13.
  • Visit and use coupon code TENOFF at checkout, to receive 10% off of your order. Free shipping on order of $49 or more.
Posted on Jan.26.2013
Save $2 on Canidae Tid Nips. Expires 1/29/13.
Posted on Jan.23.2013
Save on Canidae Dog Food from Petsolutions - 10% off all bags of dog food at PetSolutions. Expires 1/30/13.
  • Visit to receive 10% off of bags of dog food.
Posted on Nov.23.2012
Canidae Dog Food deal from Petsolutions - 10% and 20% off at Black Friday Deal - Expires 11/26/12.
  • Receive 20% off of orders over $150, and 10% off of all other orders! Use coupon code SAVE20 for the 20% savings, and SAVE10 for the 10% savings.
Posted on Oct.21.2012
Buy 3, get the 4th free at
  • Buy 3 sizes or formulas of Canidae, and get the 4th free. The free item must be the least expensive item. Offer code: B3G4F
Posted on Sep.06.2012
Canidae discounted at Petfooddirect - Save up to $30 at Expires 9/9/12.
  • Visit to save:
  • $15 on orders of $75 or more (use code GO15 at checkout),
  • $20 on orders of $100 or more (use code GO20 at checkout),
  • $30 on orders of $150 or more (use code GO30 at checkout).
Posted on May.09.2012

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Canidae Coupons

Canidae Coupons

Canidae is a type of dog food that is marketed and produced by a company named Canidae Corp. Canidae Corp was first founded in the year 1993, and has rapidly expanded over the years to include a variety of different formulas. Canidae doesn’t only produce food for dogs – the company has also introduced a line of formulas for cats, which is called Felidae. An interesting thing about Canidae dog food is that it’s marketed for “all life stages”. This is different from other companies, who often have a different formula for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. The headquarters for Canidae Corp are currently located in San Luis Obispo, California. The name of the company, “Canidae”, is actually the biological name for carnivorous and omnivorous animals in the dog family (which also includes the fox family).

The formulas offered by Canidae contain a large percentage of meat meals, which Canidae uses instead of whole meats. The reason for this (as stated on the manufacturer’s website) is that whole meats contain a large percentage of water, and aren’t able to make up as much of the “weight” of the food as meat meals. If you feed Canidae dog food to your dog, you’re no doubt wondering how you can save money with Canidae dog food coupons. Look no further! We’ve compiled information about Canidae coupons to help reduce your dog food bill.

Canidae Dog Food Coupons

These days, most people are on a tight budget. Food is getting more expensive – and not just for humans! The ingredients used in many dog food formulas are increasing in price as well, which increases the cost of the food. If you’re feeling strung-out about high dog food costs, don’t worry! You can shave off a significant portion of your dog food bill by using Canidae dog food coupons. We’re here to help you save money, and help you stay within your dog food budget.

We’re constantly monitoring many different types of social media outlets for new information about coupons for Canidae. This includes social network sites such as Facebook, as well as sites such as twitter and Tumblr. In addition to this, we also keep tabs on the manufacturer’s website for Canidae dog food coupons. In today’s word of social media, social network websites are now being used by many companies to start new promotions on different products. As soon as there’s a new way for you to save money on Canidae dog food, we’re here to let you know!

Please come check back often for the most up-to-date information on where to find Canidae dog food coupons!

Coupons for Canidae Dog Food

Here are a few of the different types of coupons you may find for Canidae dog food:

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Canidae Limited Offer Coupons

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Canidae Double Coupons

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