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Posted on Nov.18.2014
Buy Whiskas Cat Food from Petsmart - Save $10 or $20 at PetSmart.com. Expires 11/23/14.
  • Save $10 on $60 or $20 on $100.
Posted on Nov.15.2014
Save on Whiskas Cat Food from Petsmart - 20% off at PetSmart.com. Expires 11/17/14.
  • Buy one at the full price, and the get the second one for 20% off. Select varieties only.
Posted on Nov.12.2014
Whiskas Cat Food deal from Petsmart - 15% off at PetSmart.com. Expires 11/14/14.
  • Plus free shipping on orders over $49.
Posted on Nov.07.2014
Whiskas discounted at Petco - 10% off at Petco.com. Expires 11/8/14.
  • Use coupon code JOY at checkout.
Posted on Nov.07.2014
Whiskas Cat Food from Petsmart - Save $10 or $20 at PetSmart.com. Expires 11/11/14.
  • Save $10 on $60 or $20 on $100.
Posted on Oct.29.2014
Petco discount on Whiskas Cat Food - 20% off at Petco.com. Expires 11/1/14.
  • Use coupon code "friends" at checkout.
Posted on Oct.21.2014
Buy Whiskas Cat Food from Petco - Get a $15 egift card at Petco.com. Expires 10/25/14.
  • Spend at least $49 at Petco.com and get a $15 egift card. Use coupon code free15 at checkout.
Posted on Oct.17.2014
Save on Whiskas Cat Food from Petco - 10% off at Petco.com. Expires 10/18/14.
  • Use promo code october at checkout.
Posted on Oct.17.2014
Whiskas Cat Food deal from Petsmart - Save $10 at PetSmart. Expires 10/19/14.
  • Save $10 on $50 or more when you buy online and pick up in store. Use coupon code OCT14ISPU.
Posted on Oct.15.2014
Whiskas Cat Food discounted at Petco - 10% off of your order at Petco.com. Expires 10/18/14.
  • Use coupon code OCTOBER at checkout.
Posted on Oct.07.2014
Whiskas Cat Food from Petco - $5 off at Petco.com. Expires 10/11/14.
  • $5 off of your order of $50 or more when you use the coupon code "birthday".
Posted on Sep.28.2014
Petsmart discount on Whiskas - Save $10 at PetSmart.com. Expires 10/11/14.
  • Spend at least $50 to get $10 off, and use coupon code BUDDY0914 at checkout.
Posted on Sep.28.2014
Buy Whiskas from Petco - $5 off at Petco.com. Expires 10/11/14.
  • Spend at least $50 to receive $5 off. Use coupon code birthday.
Posted on Sep.12.2014
Save on Whiskas Cat Food from Petco - $5 off of your purchase at Petco.com. Expires 9/12/14.
  • $5 off of your purchase of $10 or more at Petco.com. Use promo code 5off at checkout.
Posted on Sep.10.2014
Whiskas deal from Petco - Receive a $20 gift card from Petco. Expires 9/13/14.
  • Sign up for repeat delivery by 9/13 at Petco.com, place your first order by 9/20, and receive the gift card by 9/25. For first-time repeat delivery customers only.
Whiskas Cat Food Coupons

Whiskas Coupons

Whiskas cat food is made by Mars, Inc. However, many people have trouble discerning the difference between “Mars, Inc” and “Masterfoods”, which is often listed as the manufacturing company for Whiskas cat food. The reason for this is that the European division of Mars was known as Masterfoods until around 2007. Masterfoods was actually one of the businesses that was purchased by Mars in 1967. Some people still sometimes call the European division of Mars, Inc as “Masterfoods”, even though this is no longer the name for this division.

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Whiskas cat food contains a high percentage of corn, with the first ingredient in all formulas often being corn or a corn product. The main source of protein in the Whiskas cat food formulas is usually a meat by-product meal. Artificial flavors and chemical preservatives may be found in many Whiskas cat food formulas. Due to the high percentage of corn in these formulas, they're not suitable for cats that have allergies to corn products. Do you feed Whiskas cat food to your cat? Would you like to save money by using Whiskas cat food coupons? Learn more about Whiskas coupons here!

Whiskas Cat Food Coupons

Many pet owners are trying to find new ways to cut back on the amount they spend on cat food. If you feed your cat Whiskas cat food and don't want to switch formulas to save money, you can use Whiskas coupons to cut back on your cat food costs. We're here to help! This page should provide you with all of the information that you need to start saving money on Whiskas cat food formulas

To find coupons, we monitor many different websites, including social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows us to catch new coupons as soon as they're available, and then we pass this information on to you! We also check the manufacturing company's website, since Whiskas will sometimes advertise new promotions on their homepage. As soon as there's a new way for you to save money on Whiskas cat food, we're here to let you know!

Please come check back often for the most up-to-date information on where to find Whiskas cat food coupons!

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