Natura Pet Food Expands Recall

On Nov. 18th, Natura recalled EVO, Innova, California Naturals and Healthwise dog and cat foods due to Salmonella found in one of the products. Natura has since found that there are additional products that have tested positive for Salmonella, so the recall has been expanded. The latest recalled foods were made on a single manufacturing line, so now all dog and cat food products that were made on this manufacturing line between March-January 2013 have been recalled.

Please visit the Natura Pet website to find out which products have been recalled along with the lot codes and expiration dates.


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One Response to “Natura Pet Food Expands Recall”

  1. Arden
    April 20, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    I know that today we had to return 2 bags of Evo dog food. We are convinced that the medical problems are dogs had in February is related to this recall. We do honestly think it was just 1 bag and not all the others.

    Though to be honest when we contacted Evo after the fact. We did not think when Precious had had bloody diarreah and vomiting that it was food related at the time. Then our 2nd dog started doing it a couple days later. Though our 2nd dog, Daisy Grace does not have the medical problems that Precious has. It was not until we read about the recall a couple weeks later that we were like OH MY DOG- that is Precious’ symptoms she had..

    Though when we got to the food store today we found they had NO EVO on their shelves. We spent almost an hour there reading all the labels to try to figure out what food we could give our one dog. The staff at Pet Value was great with us finding a food that our dogs can eat. When you hav a dog that cannot eat wheat because it gives her diarreah. Then cannot take rosemary because of her seizures.

    Honestly we have lost faith in Evo and this has really shaken us up. We had up until ALL these recalls had total faith in Evo as being one of the best dog foods out there. If this can happen to one of the best dog foods make me wonder WHAT FOOD CAN WE TRUST.

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