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Dogs: The Accidental Omnivore

Choosing a dog food is difficult, because there are so many options available.  Pet stores teem with commercial dog diets, each claiming to be “the best dog food.”  If that is not enough, the internet and bookstores are full of information on various home prepared diets, each of which also claims to be “the best.”  […]

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Dog Food Ratings: The “Ideal” Dog Food

To choose the best food for their dogs, owners need to understand the difference between high quality and low quality dog foods.  It is true that any commercial food labeled “complete and balanced” will meet a dog’s basic nutritional needs.  After all, dogs evolved to be survivors.  They can live on on any balanced commercial […]

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Become an Expert at Reading Dog Food Reviews

Many people read reviews online and automatically assume that these reviews are supplied by completely honest and unbiased people. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are actually several reasons why pet owners should be careful of dog food reviews. Consider the following before automatically assuming that every review that you read online is […]

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