Free Dog Food Coupons

Although you may not give much thought to the availability and benefits of free dog food coupons, the truth is that there is a lot of money to be saved.


To make the value of dog food coupons more realistic, consider that in 2010 alone, millions of people were laid off but also consider that nationwide, more than 75 million dogs have owners.


While many people have found new jobs and overall, the economy is showing signs of stabilization, dog owners understand that money has to be saved specific to the cost of feeding their beloved pets. Obviously, the last resort would be finding a new home for “man’s best friend”, which is why using free dog food coupons has become more and more popular.


Okay, so what brands are coupons offered for and where can coupons be found. Specific to brands, coupons of this kind are offered to consumers for virtually every brand imaginable from low grade dog food such as Alpo to a high-end product such as Science Diet.


As far as location, there are many different possibilities. However, the top place to find free dog food coupons would be online. In fact, not only is this a great source but typically, the best coupons are found via the internet.


Keep in mind that free dog food coupons are also found through other sources. For instance, if you purchase a specific brand of food that your dog loves, when shopping pay attention to the boxes, cans, or bags since the company may be offering coupons, which they do from time-to-time.


In some cases, these coupons would be found inside the product’s packaging while other times, the coupon would be on the outside and simply peeled off and used immediately. Usually, coupons offered directly from the manufacturer in this manner are a decent savings since this is used as a powerful marketing tool.


Free dog food coupons could come directly from the manufacturing company in another way. While not all companies offer this, most of the better known brands of dog food have a website on which you could opt-in to receive free information, newsletters, and special offers such as coupons. After providing your contact information, coupons would simply be sent to your email address to be printed. Sometimes a dog food company would request an actual mailing address whereby coupons, samples, and other freebies would be sent.


Social networking has become huge as seen with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace leading the pack. Not only are sites such as this a great venue for friends and family to connect, they offer companies a means for reaching the public.


As a result, these companies can keep current customers updated on goings-on but also focus on attracting new customers. Dog food companies have recognized the benefit of these and other social networking sites, using them to offer free dog food coupons for certain brands and different values.


Two other popular sources for finding free dog food coupons includes looking through coupon websites and visiting pet supply stores. In the first case, hundreds of coupon sites exist such as,,,, and many others.


Although you would need to spend a little time scouting around for the brand preferred and check the expiration date, if applicable, this is an excellent option. Then in the second case, the larger pet supply stores such as PetsMart and Petco offer free dog food coupons on a regular basis. In most cases, coupons would be placed in a specific area of the store and yours for the taking.

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